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CMEG has held 140 meetings at almost 60 institutions!

Unfortunately, our records aren't complete.
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    Host/Featured Exhibit

Shedd Aquarium

Oct 1991

First CMEG meeting 10-3-91: Organizational meeting


Field Museum
Into the Wild: Animal Trails and Tails

Nov 1991

Q&A, Discussion


Shedd Aquarium
Oceanarium opening

Jan 1992

Exhibit Reviews, What are the Criteria?


Adler Planetarium

Feb 1992

Evaluation as an exhibitor’s tool
How are we using it, and what are we finding out?


Kohl Children’s Museum

Mar 1992

  The Berghoff Restaurant Apr 1992 Working with consultants

Chicago Botanic Garden

May 1992


Museum of Science & Industry

Jun 1992

Asking the Visitor


Chicago Historical Society

Jul 1992

Team Process


Highland Park Historical Society

Aug 1992

Home & grounds tour


Field Museum

Sep 1992

When good exhibits go bad: Maintaining content integrity over time


Chemistry demonstration

Oct 1992

Involving the visitor in the museum experience: Exhibit prototypes; science demonstrations as exhibit events


Harold Washington Library

Jan 1993

Developing a new museum for a multicultural market: What experiences will access learning for the Millennium generation?


Chicago Botanic Garden
Tropical Rainforests: A Disappearing Treasure

Feb 1993

Traveling exhibits: Exhibit sources, enhancing exhibits for use by teachers


Evanston Historical Society

Mar 1993



Chicago Academy of Sciences
Energy: Choosing our Future

Apr 1993

Evaluation and the exhibit development process: Discussion, try your hand at exhibit evaluation


Museum of Science & Industry

May 1993

MSI’s New Theme Song!
Era of Thematic Zones—opening of Communications Exhibit


Henry B. Clarke House Museum

Aug 1993

How do we get there? An exercise in signage: Outdoor and directional signage


Field Museum

Sep 1993



Brookfield Zoo

Nov 1993

The blind leading us: Working with ADA issues; using focus groups to learn from guests with visual impairments


Abrams Teller Madsen

Dec 1993

Holiday party


DuSable Museum

Jan 1994

Tour of exhibits


Field Museum
Messages from the Wilderness

Feb 1994

Messages from Message from the Wilderness: Summary of visitor evaluations


Mexican Fine Arts Museum
El Quinto Sol: Tenochtitlan Tlatelolco Recent Findings

Mar 1994

Q&A re. development of archaeological exhibit 


Adler Planetarium
The Universe in Your Hands: Early Tools of Astronomy

Apr 1994

Exhibit project team: Curators, designers, educators, builders, and evaluators working together; historical astronomical instruments; exhibit prototypes


Chicago Children’s Museum

Jun 1994

Prototyping a new museum: Play with and test prototypes

    Chicago Botanic Garden Jul 1994 Opening of Visitor Orientation Room:
Gateway Center


Chicago Academy of Sciences/ Nature Museum
Our Weakening Web: The Story of Extinction;
Water Works

Aug 1994

Primates in the gallery: Visitor response and museum responsibility: How well exhibit environments meet human needs

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Field Museum
DNA to Dinosaurs; Teeth, Tusks and Tarpits

Sep 1994

Voices of Doom Radio: Tales of Mesozoic Terror! Cross-departmental pre-opening jitters


Kohl Children’s Museum
People exhibit

Nov 1994

Responding to visitor behavior in interactive exhibits: Expectations and their communication, influence of design on behavior

Rock & Roll photo  

DuSable Museum
African Zion exhibit

Jan 1995

Installation issues: Lighting, humidity, temperature control


Reza’s Restaurant

Feb 1995

Informal gathering


Swedish American Museum

Mar 1995

Reaching beyond your borders: The challenges of ethnic and specialty museums

  Field Museum Apr 1995 Shaping Spatial Experience:
New media and technology

Field Museum

May 1995

Passage to Adventure: Informal presentation of photos, slides, videos documenting museums and exhibits from five continents and 9 of 50 states


River Trail Nature Center

Jun 1995

Relating to Nature: Creating meaningful experiences for urban youth


Lake County Discovery Museum

Aug 1995

From the highway to the gallery: Improving the approach to the exhibit; increasing visibility and clarity


Chicago Academy of Sciences/ Nature Museum at North Pier

Nov 1995

Getting the bucks: Practical advice for writing grants


International Museum of Surgical Science

Dec 1995

Holiday party
First CMEG holiday competition: One-minute exhibit idea presentations, ornament contest


Abrams Teller Madsen

Mar 1996



Chicago Architecture Foundation
Ingenious Solutions; Newhouse Competition

Jul 1996

Viewing of exhibits: Walking tour of downtown; dinner


Shedd Aquarium

Sep 1996

The challenges of live animal exhibits: Design, interpretation, animal care, ethics


Field Museum

Nov 1996

Museums in cyberspace: What’s happening on the Internet: Examples and ideas


Field Museum

Dec 1996

Holiday party
CMEG holiday competition: Creative ornaments; unwanted gift exchange


Chicago Children’s Museum
InfoTech Arcade

Feb 1997

Multimedia exhibit challenges: Developing, designing, programming and maintaining a multimedia exhibit


Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Apr 1997

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Oriental Institute

May 1997


  Skylight Design Jun 1997 Design house tour: How to make your idea a fully dimensional reality

Museum of Science and Industry
Idea Factory: An Exhibit for Young Children

Jul 1997

Idea Factory: Developing and maintaining a large water exhibit


Brookfield Zoo
The Swamp

Sep 1997

How Brookfield Zoo is changing its exhibit design process: Driven by interpretive objectives, involving all departments


Chicago Botanic Garden
Frank Lloyd Wright: Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Oct 1997

Collaboration between museums: Expectations, communication, negotiations, goals, roles, work styles, outcomes


Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
Dia de Muertos: A Living Tradition

Nov 1997

Repeat exhibits: Maintaining viability for staff and visitors


Lincoln Park Zoo
Great Ape House

Dec 1997

What drives exhibit development? Comparison: LPZoo (Great Apes) and Adler (Timeless Space)


Chicago Historical Society
Rooting, Uprooting: The West Side – Neighborhoods: Keepers of Culture series

Jan 1998

Working with communities: Using neighborhood advisory groups to develop exhibits


Kohl Children’s Museum
The Shoes We Use

Apr 1998

Aiming for Durability: Designing and creating durable exhibits



May 1998

Museum in a School: 75 traveling exhibits that travel to schools


Art Institute of Chicago
Telling Images: Stories in Art

Jun 1998

Telling images: Stories in art:  Creating an exhibit (interactive devices and gallery environment) using an advisory group of children


Field Museum
Living Colors: A Butterfly Garden

Jul 1998

How to run an outdoor exhibit (by an indoor museum)


Lincoln Park Zoo: Laflin Administration Building

Dec 1998

How well to videos work in exhibits? Exploring audiences, setting, topics, length, monitor placement


Field Museum
Underground Adventure

Jun 1999

Working with vendors near and far: Pros and cons of using vendors for design and production – distance, practices, procedures


IIT Institute of Design

Sep 1999

Museum Campus design presentation: Systems level analysis by IIT ID grad students for integrating and enhancing campus function and visitor experience


Adler Planetarium

Dec 1999

Creating effective introductory galleries: challenges and solutions


Mitchell Museum of the American Indian
Honoring the Morning Star: Lakota Star Quilts from Pine Ridge South Dakota

Mar 2000

Scotch tape and photocopies: Creating exhibits with very limited resources (time, space, personnel, money)

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Field Museum
Sue–Tyrannosaurus rex

Jun 2000

Excellence or extinction? A duet on the future of museum exhibition: How to survive in the information marketplace – competing venues and vehicles


Brookfield Zoo
Habitat Africa! The Forest

Sep 2000

Animal Exhibits and Human Culture: Incorporating people into zoo, aquarium, natural history exhibits


Newberry Library
To the Ends of the Earth: Exploring the Poles

Dec 2000

Uniting polar opposites: Strategies for integrating unrelated ideas and materials


Lake County Discovery Museum
Bringing the World Home; The Mall of History; Vortex Roller Coaster Theater

Mar 2001

Branding through exhibits: Using exhibits to establish brand awareness for a museum

freedom museum  

Peace Museum: Garfield Park Field House

May 2001

The Labor of Culture: A Forum on Museums and Unions


Morton Arboretum
Big Rock Visitor Station

Jun 2001

Go out and play: Getting visitors out of their cars and into nature: Visitor stations for interpretation in large sites


Brookfield Zoo
Hamill Family Play Zoo

Sep 2001

Building a foundation for caring about nature: Providing positive nature experience for kids


Chicago Historical Society
Fashion, Flappers ‘n’ all That Jazz

Nov 2001

Bringing exhibit artifacts to life: Using fictitious scenes to help imagine historical settings
CMEG 10th anniversary celebration: CMEG competition for best proposal for an exhibit that would never be built


DuPage Children’s Museum

Mar 2002

Working together: Exhibit development and program planning


Spertus Museum
A Gateway to Medieval Mediterranean Life: Cairo’s Ben Ezra Synagogue

Jun 2002

What is the role of museums when disaster strikes? Responses after 9/11; challenges, sensitivities, cross-cultural connections


Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

Sep 2002

Reading between the lines: Three perspectives on the future of exhibit labels


Chicago Children’s Museum
Gingerbread Fantasy Factory

Dec 2002

Creating meaningful interactives: Incorporating learning with play

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Lincoln Park Zoo
Farm in the Zoo

Mar 2003

Accessibility and exhibits: Issues and experiences re. accessibility in exhibits and websites


River Trail Nature Center

Jun 2003

Wayfinding: don’t get lost in the woods! Wayfinding materials, design challenges, evaluation


Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Discovering Chimpanzees: The Remarkable World of Jane Goodall

Sep 2003

Balancing mission and traveling exhibits: Fitting the mission with the museum

mission moving truck

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

Dec 2003

New year, new plans: Start-up museum: planning for a permanent space
CMEG holiday competition: artistic interpretation of favorite exhibit or museum


Chicago Children’s Museum
BIG Backyard

Apr 2004

White model workshop: Foam-core model-making session


Morton Arboretum
InTREEguing TreeHouses

Jun 2004

Temporary exhibitions in plant-based settings: Challenges of mounting exhibitions in existing collections


Adler Planetarium
Milky Way Galaxy

Sep 2004

Photography as an interpretive tool: Roles that images play in exhibit development and presentation


Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Dec 2004

Building greener exhibits: Wise use of materials, energy, other resources for exhibits


Oriental Institute
Empires in the Fertile Crescent

Mar 2005

Speaking for the object: The Role of Museums, part 1; Object-based museums


Outdoor Science Park

Jun 2005

Science in motion…History live! The Role of Museums, part 2; Experience-oriented museums


Shedd Aquarium

Sep 2005

What’s next? The Role of Museums, part 3; Looking toward the future


Museum of Science and Industry
U-505 Experience

Nov 2005

Lighting up museum exhibitions: Lighting design; conservation, interpretation

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Terry Dowd, Inc.
Studio tour

Mar 2006

Moving and interpreting large objects in exhibits: Practical aspects and interpretive challenges


McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum

Jun 2006

Putting the visitor on view: Exhibits that require visitor input and feedback


Morton Arboretum
Children’s Garden

Sep 2006

Making museums matter to teenagers: Programs and approaches


Field Museum
Evolving Planet

Dec 2006

Faith, science and the 21st century museum: Evolution and creationism


Shedd Aquarium
Wild Reef

Mar 2007

Assessing excellence in exhibitions: Four approaches


Adler Planetarium
Shoot for the Moon

Oct 2007

Evaluating computer interactives: Usability, maintenance, design


Chicago Cultural Center
HereThereEverywhere: Chicago’s Festival of Maps

Feb 2008

Wayfinding and finding ways: Integrating maps creatively into the exhibit experience


Chicago History Museum
Catholic Chicago

Apr 2008

Multi-lingual communication in today’s exhibits: Insights into the issues, what works, what’s still to be learned

Do kids learn?

Chicago Children’s Museum
Skyline exhibit

Jun 2008

Do kids really learn anything in children’s exhibits? How research guides exhibit development


Isle a la Cache Museum

Oct 2008

Exhibit design on a dime: Value engineering in museum renovation


Chicago Scenic Studios Inc.
Studio tour

Jan 2009

Working with exhibit fabrication vendors: Productive relationships, fabrication capabilities


Intelligent Lighting Creations
Studio tour

Apr 2009

Lighting basics and new technologies: Exhibit lighting, product samples, demonstrations, maintenance planning

      moving forward

Shedd Aquarium
Oceanarium renovation

Jul 2009

Moving forward despite the downturn: Creative solutions for museum professionals during the recession


Field Museum
Traveling the Pacific, Pacific Spirits

Oct 2009

Looking back – Moving forward: The challenge of creating visitor-centered exhibits; reviewing 20 years of progress


Adlai Stevenson Center on Democracy
Adlai Stevenson exhibit

Dec 2009

An evening of ornaments and inspirations: Sharing what inspires our work in museums

Motorola meeting   Museum of Science and Industry
Science Storms
April 2010 Hybrids! Multimedia + Physical Interactivity
Interactives that integrate multimedia with a physical experience

  Morton Arboretum

June 2010 Connecting to Visitors through Art: How four institutions incorporate art into their exhibits

  The Art Institute of Chicago
Renzo Piano's Modern Wing

Sep 2010 The planning and design process of the Ryan Education Center
  Redmoon Theater

Dec 2010 A Night at Redmoon Theater
  Ravenswood Studio, Inc. Mar 2011 Beyond Green Exhibits: A comprehensive approach to sustainable design

    Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

July 2011 Telling Difficult Stories: Exhibit design and marketing of challenging topics
    Kohl Children Museum
Sep 2011 Ins and Outs: Success with Traveling Exhibits
And celebration! CMEG's 20th anniversary!

    Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Dec 2011 Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Meets the Excellent Judges.

    Chicago History Museum
Feb 2012 Out in Chicago:
Communities, Exhibitions, and Inclusion

    Shedd Aquarium July 2012 On Beyond QR Codes

    Adler Planetarium

Oct 2012 Science Live! In the Windy City
    Museum of Science and Industry
Wanger Family FabLab

Jan 2013 Make It – Hack It
The Maker Movement and Museums
    Elmhurst History Museum June 2013 Cool Collaborations
Small museums working with partners to make unique exhibits!

  Historic Wagner Farm

Aug 2013 History, LIVE!
  Smart Museum of Art Oct 2013 R iPads 4 U?
Use of iPads in exhibits

  Field Museum Feb 2014 Dioramas: Dead or Alive?
The History and Future of the Wildlife Habitat

  Chicago Children's Museum April 2014 In the Internet age, why visit a museum?
Maximizing your museum's unique niche

  Swedish American Museum July 2014 The Power of Immersion

    Motorola Sep 2014 Exhibits & Institutional Storytelling

    Chicago History Museum Dec 2014 Is it real? Who cares?
The 1968 Exhibit and "Bounderies of the Real" activity

    Arts Club of Chicago Apr 2015 That Belongs in a Museum!
Joint meeting

    Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

July 2015 Museums & Social Justice
What Role Can we Play?
    DANK Haus German Cultural Center Sep 2015 Chicago's Families: Where Community Begins
A project of the Chicago Cultural Alliance

    The Field Museum Feb 2016 Same Object, New Label
Changing Approaches to Museum Interpretation

    Brookfield Zoo June 2016 Communicating Conservation:
From Evidence to Empathy


Bridgeport Art Center and Chicago Maritime Museum

Oct 2016

CMEG Past, Present, Future
Celebrating and musing

    Red Box Workshop Mar 2017 Design, Make, Play
Adventures in Exhibit Prototyping

    Lincoln Park Zoo June 2017 Oops!
Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned

    Chicago History Museum Sep 2017 Alternative Facts
When and how do museums, zoos, and aquariums rspond to the current political climate?

    American Writers Museum Nov 2017 Bringing Documents to Life

    Cushing Company Mar 2018 Too graphic!
Explore materials, accessibility, bilingual, and design on a budget.

  Illinois Holocaust Museum June 2018 When is technology the right tool for storytelling?
From Holograms to Artificial Intelligence to iPads.

  Museum of Broadcast Communications Sep 2018 Rethink, Rebrand
Why, When, and How Museums Reinvent Themselves

    Chicago Children's Museum Dec 2018 Making Museums Inviting, Inclusive and Accessible

    US Pizza Museum Mar 2019 Pop-Up Museums!
    Chicago Architecture Foundation June 2019 Everybody Evaluate!

    The Field Museum

Sept 2019 Scaling to Fit
With PechaKucha 20 x 20

Dec 2019 This belongs in a museum...or NOT!
View on YouTube

April 2020 Chicago Mueums in a Time of Social Distancing
View on YouTube

May 2020 Questions about Touch in Museums
View on YouTube
Sept 2020 Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion: How Change Starts

View on YouTube

Mar 2021 Technology:
Tranforming the Museum Experience

April 2022 Facing New Beginnings
    The Field Museum Aug 2022 Centering Native Voices

    Illinois Holocaust Museum Mar 2023 Tour of the Negro Motorist Greenbook

    PanIQ Escape Room Chicago Aug 2023 What Can Museums Learn From Escape Rooms?

    Kohl Children's Museum Nov 2023 Beyond the Walls: Bringing Our Exhibit Content into the Community

~ Other milestones: field trips, celebrations, workshops, and the evolution of CMEG Genesis
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